About Mark McNulty

Mark McNulty

I'm a professional photographer working out of Liverpool in the UK. I don't exactly specialise and I've worked on all kinds of photography including portraiture, fashion, music related work, commercial, travel, tv and film stills and loads of other work including a variety of personal projects. I have a blog which largely relates to my commercial work and that's http://markmcnulty.typepad.com but I also have a massive archive that was produced way before the world of digital photography and blogging and so I've set up this photo blog to showcase some of that work. I'm sure a lot will be from my music archive as I've got a book out of that work (Pop Cultured - Liverpool University Press) though I'd like to think that I'll get back to the scanner and try and show up some fairly random images from the last 20 years. Not all of the photographs will be old old old but all will have been taken on film. Welcome to the analog archive!

Photography Equipment

Well these days it's anything from a D90 to a D3 but they don't count in here as they're digi so it's whatever I used in the past which means I won't always know as negs don't carry EXIF data. However, for a long time I used a Nikon F301 and an FE1 and for medium format work I used a Mamiya C330 and a Mamiya 645. I've also used a Yashica 120 twin lens but don't remember the model. All these cameras are long gone and the only proper film camera I still use is the Contax G1 which needs replacing as the shutter's gone a bit dodgy. I also use some of them silly toy cameras that Lomo sell (Holga and Diana) so I might even put one or two of them up at some point.