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Joe florek on Frank Sidebottom
I'm in the audience! Thick black hair and glasses. Slightly morrisseyesque on the back row/far left. Found my ...

Feckwit on Gillian Kearney as Alice In Wonderland.
Lovely photo. She's not really changed that much in almost twenty years — still gorgeous. This was ...

nat.rubo on Howard Eliott Payne's first band The Magic Clock.
howie payne is so cute.

Joe Mckechnie on Urban Vimbuza at The Bluecoat, Liverpool.
think i'll know the same 3 as you

k@ on Child, Minsk.
A timeless shot that moves me a lot, you made a fabulous portrait, bravo !

Cat on Bold Street, Liverpoool.
Scale story isn't it ? ;o)

yiannis krikis on Bold Street, Liverpoool.
very funny image - the boy must feel very short

Godo on All I Wanna Do Is Rock
Interesting documentary value ;o)

Godo on Heavy Soul
Nice documentary photo. You was lucky ;o)

stu egan on Ladytron, Liverpool.
I've been a fan for a while - probably the coolest band to come out of Liverpool for many a year. That icy ...

24x36mm on Ladytron, Liverpool.
The expressions keep taking me back for another look. Good use of selective focus. I enjoy using Ilford 50ASA.

dave on Baa Bar sign, Liverpool.

Anthony Thomason on Blonde Fist
...Maybe "gritty" character is a better choice of terminology. -Peace

Anthony Thomason on Blonde Fist
Good capture! The texture and lighting give this image a delightfully dirty (not naughty dirty) character. -Peace

Thierry Masson on Blonde Fist
I wouldn't like to be the sparring partner very good shot!

Godo on Baa Bar sign, Liverpool.
Good capture. You had lucky to be there in these instant. Nice B&W election ;o)

stu egan on Baa Bar sign, Liverpool.
A very funny, and obviously a touch surreal, street photo. I drank in the baa bar a few times.

dogilicious on Candie Payne, Sefton Park, Liverpool.
Very nice work. Beautifully composed shot.

HOSSEIN on Candie Payne, Sefton Park, Liverpool.

Claude on Launch party of Liverpool's first Biennial.
Nice catch, Like it

Leslie Horacek on Echo & The Bunnymen
Ohhhh yeaaaaah, Echo & the Bunnymen you were and still ARE the best! What great music you gave to us...thanks, ...

shroom on Launch party of Liverpool's first Biennial.
Absolutely HIDEOUS!! I'm talking about the tie on the guy to the left. Ba da bing!

Matt on Paul McGann, Liverpool, late 80's.
yes paul, i like it too.

Matt on Liverpool's first Biennial of Art, 1999
that guy is called huw. I knew him from years ago. I think hes a taxman!

jake on Echo & The Bunnymen
shortly after this photo was published I filled those boots with semtex and did the decent thing..!! Noel is still ...

Matt on Echo & The Bunnymen
I reckon jake still has those boots

Jason Kravitz on Marina Van Rooy, Liverpool, 1990.
nice portrait - funny to see the digital cross-process effect so heavily used on photoblogs and websites these days. ...

CATCHLIGHT on Paul McGann, Liverpool, late 80's.
Really like your work Paul, this one especially, lovely light and DOF....Nick Knight...OH YES!

dan greenwood on Marina Van Rooy, Liverpool, 1990.
Ahh mate - gotta be my fave one yet aside from the 'Scoustie Boys'!

rose on Marina Van Rooy, Liverpool, 1990.
beautiful portrait !

Kurt on Bill Drummond
Love the simplicity of that shot--guy looks totally at ease with himself. Inspiring.

dave on Mick & John Head, Shack, Liverpool, early 90's.
always prefered the pale fountains to shack, a happy reminder of my jangly youth.

dave on 051 Club, Liverpool.
my girlfriend got me your book for christmas. saw your exhibition at the met quarter too. your my contact on flickr ...

Baz on 051 Club, Liverpool.
Great expressions and great work!

M@ndy on Liverpool's first Biennial of Art, 1999
interesting candid

stu egan on 051 Club, Liverpool.
I agree - the guy on the right has probably only just started to come down now. I went to Cream quite a few times in ...

The Dark Dude on Frank Sidebottom
hey dude franks still performing dude a friend of mine once saw a car in manchester with the papier mache head on the ...

The Dark Dude on 051 Club, Liverpool.
hey dude this picture sums up that scene dude the gurner on the right has an ian brown look goin on

The Dark Dude on Child, Minsk.
hey dude this is a fantastic shot love the contrast between the wooden cupboards and the bright white of her cardigan

The Dark Dude on Mick & John Head, Shack, Liverpool, early 90's.
hey dude i remember the pale fountains dude great shot

The Dark Dude on Bill Drummond
hey dude you got some great shots here dude i remember the thomas lang one from back then dude crazy

Mark McNulty on Frank Sidebottom
Hi. I'll check in a bit but it was probably Ilford HP5

Ilan on 051 Club, Liverpool.
Nicely done, looks like an awesome party :) Very nicely spotted and captured, I really enjoyed your work, thanks for ...

SKHallisey on Thomas Lang
nice shot. i wish i had heard of a lot of these musicians so id have more of a context to go off of

SKHallisey on 051 Club, Liverpool.
wonderful shot. great relationship btw. the two exposures, from curiosity to zombie face. well done

Janos Kummer on Frank Sidebottom
great documentary and journalist shot, well captured moment too! You exposed the picture you can see the tones from ...

Rags on Frank Sidebottom
How did the festival go?

Behzad on Thomas Lang
a wonderful portrait

Rags on Thomas Lang
Cool work. I think that this image is really creative.

stu egan on Mick & John Head, Shack, Liverpool, early 90's.
I was a fan of Shack back then - the years have not been that kind!

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